Fruitful Home supports a number of different environmental and social initiatives to help reduce waste, create a positive impact on society and minimize our carbon footprint

Planting trees in Malawi

To combat climate change and support communities in need, Fruitful Home has committed to planting 1 tree in Malawi for every fruit and veg box sold. We have planted over 4 million trees already!

Location: Malawi, Africa

Type of trees: We focus on guava, papaya, pine trees and some quick-growing local trees such as senna siamea.

Working with: Our friends at RIPPLE Africa, a UK-charity working in Malawi.

Who and how many: The trees are grown by schools, households and farms. Larger farm cooperatives may plant 20-30,000 seedlings in nursery each year.

Who benefits: Poor Malawian families benefit from the trees to provide both fruit and firewood for the future for their own consumption and income. The reforestation also helps reduce global warming!

Donating excess fruit and veg

Our strict quality check processes result in a certain amount of excess fruit each week which we, in turn, repackage and donate to various local and charitable groups. These include food distribution charities, less privileged schools and homeless centres. See below the institutions that we work with:

  • Bristol
  • City harvest
  • FareShare
  • Food Cycle
  • Glasgow
  • LHM
  • St Pauls
  • Welcome Center

Case study: FareShare

FareShare are the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. They redistribute surplus food to charities that turn it into meals. We have a long history of supporting FareShare throughout the UK.

As part of our strict quality check processes, a certain amount of fruit every week is rejected and, in turn, repackaged and provided to FareShare. This fruit is carefully selected and sorted to ensure it is perfectly fit for consumption. Varieties include plenty of bananas, apples, clementines and pears.

visit Fareshare

Using packaging that is eco-friendly

Our boxes are 100% plastic free, are made of 100% recycled cardboard, and are fully recyclable. We are constantly trialling new packaging methods to minimise further the resources required, whilst maintaining the high level of protection of produce that we require.

Picking local and seasonal produce from responsible suppliers

  • We select our suppliers based on sustainability and quality. All are required to have as a minimum Global GAP. All our core suppliers are BRC-certified and our core banana supplier is also Rainforest Alliance certified.
  • We source most of our fruit and veg from the UK and Western Europe to help support local producers and minimize fuel emissions from long-haul transportation.
  • We never buy air-freighted fruit and veg.
  • We operate an eco-friendly delivery route system that focuses on minimising the duplication of van routes.
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